Impressive South Yarra Pool House with a Great Open Space

South Yarra Pool House is designed by Artillery and it is located in Victoria, Australia. The house looks absolutely gorgeous. The shape of the Pool House takes over the historical beginnings and adapts them to modernity, creating subtle shadows.

The structure is made up from steel, with steel framed doors. They are designed to fully and completely open, establishing a permanent connection between exterior and interior. The house itself is placed under a big Elm tree, enjoying its own natural shading. Inside the house timber is the main material. The interior space is ample and minimalist, with a few pieces of furniture, simple and cheering up, with a strong accent on the perspective seen through the large window. You feel like in a green house inside.

The decorative pillows from the floor serve as chairs and the joyful red and white chandelier looks like a bloomed flower. The owners of the house possess a huge collection of extraordinary furniture and art which make the space feel lived, vivid and romantic. The timber floor and the feeling that, coming out of the house you can throw yourself directly into the pool provide a liberty feeling and a holiday sensation.

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