23 Hot Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2013

Trends in interior design are like trends in fashion clothes. It is important to accept them and to adapt them to our inner tendencies and trends. We live in a crazy world in which it became important to find shelters, quiet places in which to relax and to charge your batteries for the working days.

People are interested in living in smaller spaces that are closer to downtowns rather than larger houses where they are dependent on their cars. That’s why people should use their home design and decor as an extension of their individuality. Adapted to this struggling life, design trends for the year 2013 will be to make every single room in the house a space that you can actually live in. This tendency unites the deep need of people to relax within their homes and their need to be well-organized in order to make their life easier.

Some of these predictions about how the shift toward a more personal and meaningful space will translate into designs and home decorating in 2013. The new tendencies in interior design provide more optimism, more joy and hope, they are concentrated around harmony. Geometrical patterns symbolize change allowing the creation of unique and interesting interiors.

The new tendencies in interior design combine floral models, with stripes, angles and diagonals. They are not just on walls but on ceilings, too. Colors always enjoy the eyes and senses. Speaking about colors, those which will impose are yellow, reddish and yellowish – green, different shades of orange, brown and grey.

Emerald green and strong blue, turquoise and shades of purple will also be in tendencies of 2013. Green is the color of relaxation, life and rebirth. Emerald green is the top color of the year and it could be included as a decorative accent from vases, pillows or carpets to curtains or abstract paintings. It could also be a dominant nuance in your bedroom, being a restful color. If you don’t agree a green room, you may choose green in small details, because it is a strong color and it will be certainly noticed.

Together with emerald-green, Dior gray and salmon pink are also on tendencies all over the fashion and design showrooms. The use of intense blue, golden – yellow and light colors is in vogue this year, too. Intense blue is a calm but vivid color, a wall painted in this color being very suitable for a bedroom or for a modern living room. The blue nuance on trend is a mix between a navy blue and royal blue. It’s a true blue without any green hints.

Recycled furniture and decorative details utilized for other aims will be extremely popular. Old rustic furniture will add a plus of beauty to the interior of your dream home. If you paint an old cupboard in an intense blue nuance, keeping its golden handles, the cupboard will become the main piece of furniture of the room. You’ll have to balance it by using the same nuance or different variations of it for other areas of the room.

In opposition with blue, bright or dull gold is a tendency kept from the last year. The two complementary colors can be used within the same inner space, but one of them should dominate. Generally speaking modernism in 2013 means open and fluent spaces, airy and relaxing rooms, which could easily be obtained through light pastels. The exposed architectural elements in your home become in 2013 a strong trend.

Stoned, bricked or wooden surfaces displaying interesting textures bring nature and a rustic aspect within your house. Wood is one of the most popular materials, so that pieces of raw furniture allow you to admire the natural wood beauty of the material. A modern tendency is to use bleached floors; people start to use lighter woods for floors and cabinetry; it is a tendency to use painting woods to achieve a lighter tone in flooring and cabinetry.

Another important material is brass; more brass will be incorporated into your home. Whether it’s linen, leather, raffia or grass cloth, the textured effect of wrapped furniture instantly grabs your eye, so wrapped furniture is another important tendency of this year. Interior design using white and black emanates elegance and style and it is another interior design trend for 2013, but it doesn’t suit to every room space.

Leaving colors, we will talk about one of the strongest tendencies in interior design – combination of textures so that the result will look like the cottage style, framed within the modern tendencies of 2013. This effect is very easy to touch: in your kitchen you could use stone countertops, wooden chairs and leather or textile sofa. More and more people want countertops that can take the daily wear and tear of family life; they want countertops that already come a bit weathered.

In case you would like something different, luxurious and hard to find, verre églomisé is just that special treatment for this year. In this process, glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf on the back side. It is a real jewelry for the room — especially for rooms that are becoming smaller, where clients want more of a jewel box finish. On demand printing for wallpapers is another new tendency of the year.

Even furniture and décor are really progressing and becoming more accessible for people to literally take home into their living rooms. In order to fulfill all people’s complex needs, in addition to all these new tendencies, adapted to their stunning life, the tendencies of this year bring natural fibers like jute and raffia on top, though they have always been of a timeless quality.

Using them it will be a noticeable celebration of natural, organic-looking spaces, using of more solid and neutrals with warm brassy tones and whites. In conclusion, you should be informed and admire the new home design tendencies and choose the ones that represent you and your family, in order to find your relaxing oasis.

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