Serene Agua House, Dislaying Beautiful Views and a Splendid Pool

Agua House is designed by Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas and it is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The site has a beautiful view to the Canal Arias river and it has a ground floor, accommodating a very big reception areas, that opens and closes the big wooden sliding doors that hides into the wall.

The first floor accommodates the master bedroom and other small bedrooms for guests. The design of the entire house is based on two stone walls, the color of the stone being the origin of the entire color palette of the house. The residence is luminous and exotic like a delicate flower, opening its white petals in the sun, reflecting its image in the swimming pool like in a mirror. The green lawn surrounding it borrows its green sparkling to the water and the image is perfect. The living space is large and airy, with floor to ceiling windows allowing seeing a splendid view over the landscape.

Elegant furniture in smooth textures creates a cozy atmosphere for relaxation. The inside walls are in stone, sheltering a large comfortable bed, the bathroom is elegant in a mannish tinge; the whole house breathes equilibrium and calm.

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