The House in Megurohoncho – A Tidy Home for a Perfect Family

The House in Megurohoncho is designed by Torafu Architects and it is located in Tokyo, Japan. The project is a renovation of a concrete building that originally housed storage and offices, even residential spaces. The intention of the architects was that of converting the basement and the first floor into commercial spaces, keeping the second and third floors for living.

That is why the interior of the house looks so tidy and clean, providing the impression of a well-organized space, in which you can not lose anything. The space is large and opened. Towering above the surrounding houses, the third floor accommodates the living space, while the second floor offers a comparatively more private space. An aperture was made at the center of the third floor and a large piece of furniture with built-in stairs was placed directly underneath it to create a line of flow inside the building.

As a top of this piece of furniture connecting the upper and lower floors there is a wide landing that makes another small floor. The green plants, the wooden floors and minimalist furniture offer elegance of the whole residence, giving it an overall sense of unity.

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