on May 16, 2020

Unbelievable Sunset Point Residence Displaying Gorgeous Views

Sunset Point Residence is designed by David Vandervort Architects and it is located on San Juan Island, Washington. The home was designed with two mirroring curved glass walls that frame views, and let maximum light into the home and offers an interesting wonderful atmosphere for the inner space.

The large living space enjoys a splendid view grace to the curved windows and the simple elegant furniture, and the coziness of the fireplace creates a perfect match between nature and the inner space. The building materials used are wood, steel and metal. These materials are brought inside as structure and accent. The Kitchen and the dining areas complete this space and visually connect to outdoor entertaining patio, natural landscaping and the walk to the beach. The main floor of the home also contains a full master suite, utility area and 2 car garages.

At the upper floor there is a guest suite, which has also a curved glass wall mirroring the great room feature, with a view through the mountains and lake. There is also a fireplace in the bedroom, providing warmth and intimacy. This floor also accommodates a room for fitness and exercises, which can give energy to your body, preparing it for a new splendid day in the middle of nature.

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