on May 16, 2020

Incredible Peak Residence – the Embodiment of Refinement and Intimacy

Peak Residence is designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects and it is located in Wilson, Wyoming. The residence is sited in a grassy meadow among a beautiful landscape and it is a unique home with roots in the modern idiom. The residence contains two different volumes, a traditional face to the neighborhood and a single-story living pavilion.

They are combined into a perfect design and harmony. A large terrace prefaces the interior, which accommodates the living space, an open space dressed up in wood, luminous and large, continued by the dinning room and the kitchen. Wooden floors, ceiling and furniture provide an intimacy and a warm atmosphere, reminding you from home. Large windows assure natural light most of the day and they allow the beautiful green landscape to flood the inner space of the house and cherish up the atmosphere. The kitchen is well equipped and friendly, inducing peace of a family dinner.

The interior expressions are warmth, tenderness and refinement. Display for a Kimono was deliberately incorporated into the entry sequence.  Its influence on the interior can be seen in the delicate stair screen and the language for the mill work which is conceived as simple wood containers within spaces.

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