on May 20, 2020

Breathtaking Wiesergut Hotel – the Perfect Location for Winter

Wiesergut Hotel is designed by Gogl&Partners Architekten and it is located in the valley of Hinterglemm, Austria. As seen from outside, the building looks at night like a huge fir-tree adorned on the top of the highest mountains. With its lights, it makes the snow surrounding sparkling. The hotel has the appearance of a cozy chalet, offering the warm feeling of a fireplace in winter.

The main entrance to the living space has glass sliding doors, reflecting the snow and bringing a bit of winter inside, by the warmth of the fireplace. Elegant, white and cozy, the living room continues with the kitchen, inviting you to feel like home. Wooden floors and furniture, intimate spot lights and chandeliers, contribute to increase its intimacy. A large swimming pool, surrounded by glass walls, offers the impression of swimming in warm waters among cold snows. Intimate tables are set to offer privacy and the bedrooms are the definition of intimacy.

They are simple furniture, with large windows, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful snow from outside, a bathtub is installed behind the bed; there are no walls to separate the bathroom from the bedroom, so the coziness is increased.  The house wakes up a richness of impressions, connecting you to nature in the same time.

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