Levin Residence – a Beautiful Solar House Reflecting Landscape

Levin Residence is designed by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects and it is located in Marana, Arizona. The house consists in three simple rectangular volumes hover above the desert floor, oriented to harness the sun, frame the views and capture the breezes.

It is a permanent celebration of the environment, the house configuring it from different positions, as the megalithic Temple from Stonehenge does, throwing a mystic image and turning profit from every detail. The plan organization is based on simplicity, functionality and “collapsibility”, enabling the house to be operated as a smaller home when the guests are away. The outside swimming pool is embodied from three sides by the house’s walls, offering the impression as being inside the house and reflecting the house’s lights and life. The living space has fluency and it is large, painted in white, simple but elegant furnished, stylish. Enjoying a nice fireplace installed almost on the whole length of a walls, the living space put into advantage the landscape through its large floor to ceiling glass doors.

Simple well equipped kitchen, nice and hospitable dinner table set with flowers for guests, elegant bathroom, making you feel like a queen, interesting colored paintings, contrasting the white-grey tones of the whole interior, are details which give a solar and hospitable aspect to the entire residence.