Sam’s Creek – a Multifunctional Residence Combining Glass and Wood

Sam’s Creek is a residence located in Bridgehampton, New York and it was designed by Bates Masi Architects. The house is all windows, the main construction materials being wood and glass. So, the transparency of the residence continues with the swimming pool from the courtyard.

The house has multiple functions.It can be ready anytime for a dinner party, or to entertain a group of children, or to receive guests, all these without disturbing the rest of the family. The house is formed by a series of open-ended boxes focusing the view from the street. The wooden mahogany furniture creates intimacy, opposing the effect of transparency given by the glass. Ceilings, floors and furniture, everything is made up of wood. The living space is ample and combines intimacy with transparency, united through a comfortable sofas, cozy kitchen and wooden dinner table. The fireplace merges a utilitarian object and a crafted, sculptural work of art. The fireplace conceals a moment frame, supporting lateral loads to allow for the large open-ended volume of the dining and living room.

The bedroom is completely dressed up in wood, providing a high level of privacy, making you feel isolated from all the other possible guests or activities of the house. The house seems to establish a new order by the architecture, allowing its members to keep up with their busy lifestyle while also providing respite from it.