Robin Way House – a Real oasis of Greenery and Relaxation

Robin Way House is designed by Bates Masi Architects and it is located in Amagansett, New York. The house serves as a weekend retreat, a cozy home for relaxation and spending fine moments for the family.

Placed in a beautiful surrounding, the house stands among green trees and a beautiful blue lake, with its glass doors wide opened, waiting for its guests to greet them. The house is all windows, reflecting natural light and the greenery surrounding, opening with a large room with a dining table, a splendid chandelier hanging over it like in a ceremony. Decorative pillows are placed on the floor enhancing the intimacy. The kitchen is completely dressed up in wood, appearing very intimate and warm. The living space is comfortable furnished, with a sofa placed by the fireplace and the large glass walls reflecting light and trees, bringing life inside.

The bathroom offers a nice bath, inviting you to relax, protected by the wooden blinds which filter the natural light offering comfort and privacy. The large wooden terrace from the entrance invites you to sit for a while and admire the splendid sight and prefigures the cozy harmonious interior. The house is a natural oasis of relaxation.