A Christmas Fairytale: Ski Resort Penthouse in Colorado, USA

The Peak 8 Penthouse, designed by New Mood Design, is situated in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA. The house could be considered ‘’love at first sight’’ and reminds you of a big fir tree adorned for Christmas. You greet a feeling of joy deep inside your soul just looking the house
from outside.

The stone of its façade is in perfect harmony with the snow outside, dressing the house in winter light. The window-walls offer spectacular views of the mountains around, the family room and the bathrooms induce the idea of coziness. A huge bathtub invites you to relax and dream at the white and beautiful landscape from outside. The natural or even cold colors are combined with vivid and warm autumnal and summer colors like red, orange, yellow or purple, reminding the adornments of the fir tree. Stone and wood combine each other in an
attempt of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces and they succeed in making you feel welcome there. Adorned with sophisticated design details, this is a perfect place to spend a winter holiday. The combination between three important materials: wood, stone and glass, develops a modern architecture design, into a combination of Christmas Carols, colors, feelings and flavors.
The whole house is a perfect place to sing Carols, to wait for Santa and to dream of a white Christmas!