Casa Fontana – a Residence full of Light and Comfort

Casa Fontana is designed by Stanton Williams Architects and it is located in Lugano, Switzerland. The landscape is amazing, the residence being located on the steep mountain slopes above Lake Luganowith views over the lake, mountains and city of Lugano.

The house is essentially set into the mountain, with terraces extending inside the house to overlap internal and external space. A large blue swimming pool prefaces the entrance into the house, reflecting the day light. The color palette consists in white and natural tones, which, together with the large windows bring inside natural light and the beauty of the landscape, creating a strong connection between inside and outside landscape. A sliding half panel between the kitchen and double-height living room allows for sociable dining or to screen food preparation.

Traditional materials such as oak and teak wood enhance the house’s conncection to nature. Interesting and simple design elements, beautiful chandeliers, enhancing glamour and intimacy of the house, cozy bedrooms in white colors, bathed in the sun light because of the wide windows, add elegance and style to the residence. It is a perfect simple and pure atmosphere for a family to live in!

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