White Curved Faucet by Fima - Fluid

Latest product from Italian company Firma is a white curved faucet that can be used very wellin a modern minimalist home. The product features a simple and contemporary silhouette with gentle curves and rounded edges as its name says.


Artistic Ceiling Lamps by MGX - Minishakes lights

Aric Levy and MGX created some great ceiling lamps called Minishakes, lamps that presents dual surfaces which creates layers of light and also a “space within a space”. These gorgeous mini [...]


Lithocast freestanding baths by Kohler

Kohler latest creation - the Lithocast freestanding baths represents some solid surface tubsmade with such a pure style that invites you to look and touch. Regarding to the shape we can see gentle and rounded curves. Because is made of Lithocast, the product is easyto clean and also warm and comfortable.


Paisley Tile Pattern in 3D by Citco

This beautiful Paisley Tile Pattern in 3D has been designed by Italian company Citco, and takes the tile trends to the next dimension. This collection of tiles inspires romantic, elegant and artistic at once, by boasting big, beautiful swirling droplets that leap right off the walls. It features a classic yet contemporary p [...]


Upside Down by Adrien De Melo

The Upside Down has been designed by young French designer Adrien De Melo, and edited by Galerie BSL, and a special commission from the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton. Upside Down is a landscape of suspended books, resembling a music score. Each piece is made of stainless steel frames covered with translucent polyurethane in [...]


Cardboard Paintings by Theo Altenberg

These beautiful cardboard paintings have been painted by Theo Altenberg, a German artist and singer with a great talent. Theo Altenberg uses cardboard to create some amazing paintings. He uses loads of bright colors and splashes them neatly onto the canvas, creating some pretty abstract paintings. So, check out his artwork, [...]


Textile Wall Panels - Nya Walls by Nya Nordiska

Nya Nordiska designed these award-winning textile wall panels made from polyurethane using a patented casting method, in a variety of textures to resemble fabric. You can customize your decor and express your individual style using these textile panels that have a variety of patterns. There is no need for paintings or photo [...]


Honeycomb Flexible Shelves

These Honeycomb flexible shelves have been designed by Quinze and Milan, and are perfect if you wish for a versatile shelving option. They are made from thin walled polyethylene, and the units are held together with a riveting system which allows for stacking up to 7 meters in two directions. Also, if you like, you [… [...]


Modular Tetris Mirror by Julia Dozsa for Fiam Italia

This great Modular Tetris set has been designed by Julia Dozsa for Fiam Italia, and because it is a “Tetris” it can be arranged each way you want, to create a wide variety of graphic patterns o [...]

Modern-Art-by-StarArc (2)

Modern Art by StarArc

These modern art portraits have been created by StarArc, and the concept idea is based on the geometry of your astrological aspect pattern and the position of the planets in your astrological birth chart. This way, every print is individually created. You give them a few details, such as the date of birth, the style [&helli; [...]

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