Modern Art by Kathe Fraga

These beautiful paintings from Kathe Fraga’s French Wallpaper collection brings a sense of nostalgia, being inspired by the mesmerizing motifs found on hand-painted walls inside grand old Parisian mansions. These romantic paintings have been also inspired from the patterns found on vintage kimonos, hand-worked embroid [...]


Light Butterflies by Chiara Lampugnani

This beautiful installation called Light Butterflies has been designed by Chiara Lampugnani Design and was presented during the Milan International Led Light Festival, on Paolo Sarpi Street and Canonica Street. The concept idea was inspired by the Butterflies Oasis based in Palestro Street in Milan and represents an homage [...]


Konnex by Florian Gross

Konnex is a new shelving system designed by Florian Gross, it won the Interior Innovation Award 2011 prize, and is currently being produced by Germany design company Müller Möbelwerkstätten. KONNEX is a shelving system specially created for people who like to constantly change the layout of their rooms, or wh [...]

Wallpaper-Collection (1)

Elixir, a New Wallpaper Collection from Graham & Brown


Shelf Lamps Made from Bulbs, Cords & Boards

William Raffredi is an Italian designer who used three readily-available components from a simple local hardware store: some flat wooden boards, lengths of electrical cable and raw construction-style to create Shelf Lamps Made from Bulbs, Cords & Boards. Specialized in simplicity he found many ways to populate an entire [...]


Spillray Pendant Lamps from Axo Light

Axo Light, the Italian lighting manufacturer have introduced the Spillray pendant lamp. The designer Manuel Vivian, created a fascinating shape-play of upturned goblets, overlapping transparencies or contrasting colours. The set of suspended lamps is versatile as combinations can be made with the colors of the glasses and t [...]


The Sprig Lamp by Victor Vetterlein

Created by Victor Vetterlein the Sprig Lamp is a modular furniture piece “inspired by the fresh growth of plants”. Combining multiple lamps you can get a floor lamp or a chandelier with the shape and the desired lighting mode. This is possible because of his threaded sleeves,  clip-on electrical cord, plug, [...]


LINK by Ramón Esteve for VIBIA

Ramón Esteve is a versatile Spanish architect who’s worked for various Spanish companies in the interiors sector. A new product for Vibia- the Link lighting is a specular lamp that consists of four modules which come in different sizes and heights, joined together, offers a wide range of geometries, a [...]


Remodeling a 700-Year-Old Farmhouse

This amazing sandstone box blends aspects of Arabic, Greek and Norman architecture, reflected through its beautifully angled arches and its modern refab. The concept design of these beautiful sheets consist in a series of thirty-six water-cut aluminum panels placed around the facade, providing light filtration and visual de [...]


Bamboo Shoots Up, Shades & Fences House

This home has been designed as a sustainable three-story house with bamboo poles instead of the usual steel bars . Why bamboo? There are a lot of reasons for the use of this material because it is a clever, cheap and in the same time a green solution. In the first place, the bamboo is […]

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