Moving Homeostatic Facade by Decker Yeadon

The Homeostatic Facade prototype system has been designed by Decker Yeadon, and its aim is to prevent solar heat gain. We can say it is the latest in the green building design and the concept is based on material that can flex and bend as an artificial muscle fighting solar heat gain by changing shape […]


Wall & Deco Contemporary Wallpaper

The Wall & Deco contemporary wallpaper is defined as a great combination between high design and unique style. What’s so impressive about the Wall & Deco coverings is not only the originality of its subjects but also the technical innovation of the materials. So if you’re looking to transform a simple em [...]


Thru-Block coat rack

This modular coat rack has been designed to be perfect for any entryway and you can customize it however you want. It has a key shelf for storing keys, wallet, cell phone and change. Thru-Block coat rack with nine wooden blocks and with 5 evenly spaced holes drilled through them cost $600.00.

3D Wallpaper by Daniel Pirsc

This 3D Wallpaper has been created by a Czech designer Daniel Pirsc and it brings a new vision of interior wallpaper. This new vision is brought by the 3D porcelain components and is a creative and flexible solution for any space, also being very easy to install.


Mozia Wall Clocks

These cute and colorful clocks from Diamantini and Domeniconi are made from a large but thin aluminium sheet, holding the hour and minute hands. They’re available in a large variety of colors and each of them is a really great statement piece for each room. You can also make a group combinations, with different colors [...]


Paper Extravaganza by Charles Clary

The Paper Extravaganza has been created by Charles Clary and is the winner of Art Milk’s recent grant over on Society6. It is a beautiful papercut shape that creates sculptural topographic installations, and the essence of this concept is to make your mind wonder.


Ness and Beauly contemporary vases by Graham Johnston

The Ness and Beauly vases are the creation of Graham Johnston, known for the wide range of high quality contemporary vases. The great thing about Ness and Beauly vases is that allows you to display the ent [...]


The Filament Lamps Bring You Back To The 19th Century

The Filament Lamps look like the ones used in the nineteenth century, though they represent a very modern accessory for your home. They have been designed by British designers Scott, Rich & Victoria.

Blink Clock

The Blink Clock Inspired by Braille

The Blink clock is inspired by Braille and it has been built for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. It has a minimal design and a great style, so it can be a really good accessory for your home. And if you buy it, you also help people with visual disorders. Available here

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