12 Inspirational Garden Design Ideas Perfect for a Peaceful Refuge

When spring comes, your soul needs a change. There is an easy sliding of plans, our dreams moving from inside to outside, in the greenery. Life registers a new birth and nature itself renews! The space sur [...]

35 Great Design Ideas to make Small Rooms Look Bigger

There are many interesting design details which can help you make a small place look bigger. Some of the most important tips and tricks are to use as much as possible color techniques and furniture arrangi [...]

10 Basic Steps for a Great Zen Interior Design

To be Zen is a state of mind and body, a peace with yourself, an intense feeling, with all your heart, with no reserves. In order to live like this, you must ignore all the stress and problems you have. And how could you possibly ignore them other way than relaxing into your own place, […]

ceiling-design-ideas-for-your-home (9)

25 Gorgeous Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Home

Designing a home should start with the walls and the ceiling. Ceiling architecture and design are important in taking into account the whole image over a living space. Even the white walls or ceiling must be carefully designed, they must be perfect optically speaking, because the quality of the finishes influence the entire [...]

Romantic-Valentine's-Day-Design-Ideas (6)

31 Romantic Valentine’s Day Design Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming nearer to us and I know that there are a lot of couples anxious to celebrate this day of love. Because it’s a special holiday of the year, on Valentine’s Day everyone is looking for an original way to make this day romantic and remarkable, and impress his or her partner. [… [...]

Beautiful New Year's Eve and Christmas Table Decorations (14)

25 Beautiful New Year’s Eve and Christmas Table Decorations

New Year’s Eve is almost here and it’s one of the greatest days of the year! December it’s almost gone with its joy of living, agitation and hum. For this special day I imagine the glamou [...]


21 Christmas Decor Ideas for Doors and Outside

When Christmas is coming you must hurry up and decorate your house! The time is short.. After you have already decorated your interior space, you might like to add some Christmas air of joy to your yard, too. No matter where you live, in a big and crowded city or in a snowy wood from […]

Beautiful-Christmas-Tree-Decorating-Ideas (39)

47 Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas in coming up soon! The most wonderful time of the year determine people to hurry up, finish their day by day duties and start thinking at the Christmas tree, which would be the perfect host for the most waited person in the world: Santa Claus. So, let’s admire some Christmas tree decorations which inspire [& [...]

Fireplace decoration ideas for Christmas (1)

35 Dreamy Fireplace Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is coming soon and I’m sure that most of you want to make the entire home look gorgeous. Because of that, for today I’ve gathered some amazing fireplace decoration ideas from where yo [...]

white-interior-design (14)

Winter Inspiration: 30 White and Elegant Interior Designs

The white is for sure one of the most used colors in interior designs, especially in the contemporary and minimalist design where a great focus is put on the black & white combination. It works extreme [...]

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