on May 12, 2020

House in Espoo, Finland – Spiral-Shaped, Misterious and Exotic

This spiral-shaped house is designed by Olavi Kopose in Espoo, Finland and it is a very original and interesting residence. It has the form of a spiral, looking like a huge sea-snail, one of those which are mumbling the sea wave’s noise when you put them close to your ear.

The originality of the shape offers the house an exotic air, creating the illusion of a permanent holiday on the beach. The main material of the building is concrete and stones and their natural earth colors remind you the close connection with nature. It is composed from many modules and is placed among a beautiful landscape, enjoying green trees and vegetation and a nice spiral path with pebbles, reminding you the beach. Inside the house, a nice living space greets you, with circular walls and ample spaces for rest and relaxation, beautiful furniture and simple interior design. The open living space is prolonged by the kitchen, which appears to be clean, mysterious and well equipped. The bathroom is built-in the same regoster, isolated, mysterious and clean.

At the beginning of the circular stairs a fireplace greets you with its warmth and the large floor to ceiling windows make the connection between inside and outside, allowing natural light to penetrate the inner world of the house. The residence is a mysterious shelter with a cozy atmosphere.

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