Impressive Design for a Beach House in Australia

Designers from the Australian Studio CplusC Architects created a new fresh design for the Curl Curl Beach House which is situated in a suburb of northern Sidney.

They had in mind some brilliant ideas of refreshing the old design of the place and to add some contemporary and modern features to the entire architecture of the place in order to improve the appearance of the house. One of the ideas was to improve the functionality of the roof, to collect rainwater and to store it in an extensive sub floor bladder tank system and to use it. All the walls of the place are clad with western Red cedar shiplap board and gives a nice and elegant aspect to the house, the final result exuding an impressive environment for anyone who wants to spend some days in this wonderful place.

Colors used are consistent with the entire theme of the design and makes this house the perfect place for a little holiday away from the city. The lights are all around the house and makes it brighter when the night comes, while the spacious living has some modern features such as a big cozy couch and some elegant chairs where you can watch TV in the evening and relax. Views around the house are spectacular, like a little piece of heaven, the nature is so wonderful and it gives you a feeling of freedom and peace.