Marin County Residence – a Beautiful White House Radiating Serenity

Marin County Residence is designed by Dirk Denison Architects and it is located in Chicago. This beautiful and elegant residence is oriented somehow towards its interior spaces, creating a strong connection between interior and exterior, forming a distinct relationship with its own courtyard or garden.

The house is complex and modern, fulfilling all the necessities of a modern family. The path to the entrance is guarded by green plants and the blue swimming pool reflecting its blue water in the house’s windows creates a spot of color and a center of relaxation. The interior is luminous, the walls being painted in white. Even the furniture is white, providing elegance and enhancing light, which is already put into value by the large windows that permanently keep in touch with the courtyard.The ceiling plane is fractured and folded along a diagonal pattern, exploring the interplay of light in unique ways.  The living space continues with the kitchen, which appears to be very cozy because of its wooden furniture. The dining table is set by the large doors, opened through the garden and the bedroom is also white, elegant and simple furnished, with glass doors sliding towards the beautiful garden outside.

The presence of the green ornamental tree inside the house, in a space especially created for it is refreshing and the whole house radiates light, serenity and peace.

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