Origami Inspired House: The Klein Bottle

With a fantastic unusual design, The Klein Bottle House by Mcbride Charles Ryan architects seems a huge and mysterious unidentified flying object placed within beautiful natural surroundings.

The impressive residence is located in Rye, Australia, in the middle of wild trees and vegetation, enhancing the impression that the house does not belong to this world. The luxurious vegetation surrounding the building is hiding the strange shape of it, allowing visitors
to see only a small part made up from angles and geometrical figures; but it is enough for you to guess and imagine what you will discover beyond the trees. The complexity of the architecture is given by the unexpected angles, achieved by using computer specialized programs for architecture, as cad. The interiors are also out of this world as regarding the shape and form, but they prove elegance and modernity. Warm colors, interior lights, elegant furniture of the rooms, shape a cozy family home, contrasting with the strange and bizarre exterior.

This is a house which has the exterior of a huge origami and the interior of a real home, surrounded by trees, vegetation and green grass, an ideal place for families with kids, offering them the possibility to develop their dreams and imagination.