on May 13, 2020

The Hewlett House – White Elegance and Ideal Place for Relaxation

The Hewlett House is designed by MPR Design Group and it is located in Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia. The building is impressive and very modern, fulfilling every modern life style necessities. The living spaces are placed on the upper floor, having better views and more light.

The bedrooms are located on the middle floor, a more private and enclosed wing and the lowest floor link the garden and the swimming pool to the house. The interior space is large and luminous, the most interesting piece being the circular stairs like a snail’s shell, taking upstairs. As seen from downstairs they look like a white elegant swan and from above they look like a shell. The large floor to ceiling windows allows natural light to penetrate and flood the interior. Light is also assured through two concrete forms, rounded at the edges, one of them open-ended, allowing the northern winter sun to penetrate deeply into the living spaces. At the upper levels the residence accommodates the bedrooms in a more private area.

The matrimonial bedroom and the kids’ bedroom, each of them have its own personality. The pool provides a water element spanning between rock wall and the garden. The white elegance of the furniture, the modernity of its style, make from this building an ideal place to live in!

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